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Medical / Point of Sale Protective Barriers 

Provide your Front Line Staff with our custom design and manufactured  Medical Protective Barriers. 

Where to use our barriers:

  • Nursing Stations

  • Outpatient Offices

  • Emergency Department 

  • Medical offices 

  • Retail Point of Sale 

  • many more...

Why Install Protective Barriers over stand alone shields?

  • Our barriers not only reduce the transmission of germs and pathogens, they add a sense of security for the staff while still allowing great communication and interaction with the patients

  • Stand alone shields can be easily moved, thrown, shattered, break, or catch fire if made from acrylic. 


  • Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Shatter-Resistant

  • Flame resistant 

  • Custom shape and size

  • Attached Brochure holders

  • Speaker and pass through options

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