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At Queen City Engineering & Design we don’t just draw pictures on a monitor screen, we have an in-house Machine Shop that specializes in low volume, high precision Production and Prototype Fabrication.  Our equipment includes:

  • Cincinatti Arrow 2
  • Rottler F69ATC
  • Mazak Quick Turn 250
  • Acra 1640TVS
  • Webb Champ 2VH
  • U.S. Industrial 88 Ton 8 Foot Press Brake
  • Vytek FC-44 Fiber Laser
  • Miller Multimatic 220AC/DC Welder

In addition to these capabilities, our Fused Deposition 3D Printer allows us to create low-cost, Rapid Prototypes that can be used to check fit, form and function at a fraction of the time required using traditional manufacturing methods.  If our in-house capabilities do not meet your manufacturing needs we are closely connected with multiple local industry partners that greatly expand our manufacturing resources.

We know that oftentimes building a prototype is the most time consuming and expensive part of developing a new product.  If you lack the capability to create your own prototype, finding a manufacturer to economically produce custom, one-off components can seem impossible.  With the tremendous overhead at large manufacturers and the high volume production necessary to maintain their day to day operations, more often than not, your (small to them) project is going to be neglected.  At Queen City Engineering & Design, Prototyping is our Specialty.  We have the experience and resources to reduce lead times and maintain an economical budget.  Most importantly, we will give your project the attention it deserves and requires.  Contact us today to get started.

Acra 1640TVS
Cincinatti Arrow 2
Rottler F69ATC
U.S. Industrial Press Brake
ProPen Marking System
Webb Champ 2VH
Mazak Quick Turn 250
Various Tooling
20W Fiber Laser
Various Tooling
Contract Production Components
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