Driver Guard Protection Shields 

 From the outset of this project, driver's peace of mind and product functionality were our top priorities.  To gain invaluable feedback from decades of front-line experience we partnered with our local county transportation Safety Officer and other industry experts while developing these purpose built, driver-centric solutions for fixed route, LTV, and various other commercial buses.


The clear window portion of our Shields is fabricated from transparent, shatterproof, 1/4" thick Polycarbonate which is the exact same material used to make safety glasses, NASCAR windshields, greenhouses, and thousands of other everyday applications where impact resistance is desired.  The frames of our Shields are constructed from corrosion resistant, food grade Stainless Steel and are rigidly mounted to the existing, manufacturer installed Handrail Stanchions.  

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Queen City Transit Solutions

Type of Driver Shields

  • Fixed Route buses 

  • Cutaway LTVs

  • Transit Vans

  • Garbage Trucks

  • Mini Vans

  • MV1


Our Shields are 100% custom made for our customers. You can pick from our standard shields or have one customized to exactly what you want.

All shields meet the FMVSS 205 requirements. 

Installation is a breeze with our three step clamps or you can have our mobile installation crew do it for you.

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